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Date and Time: May 30&s_comma; 2011 16:00 - 17:00
Venue : 1st Building&s_comma; 2F Conference Room&s_comma; Inst.Med.Sci&s_comma; Univ. Tokyo 
Speaker: Dr. Peter Kiener
Position : President and CEO
Affiliation:Zyngenia&s_comma; Inc
(Country) USA
Seminar Title: “Zybodies: Building mAb-based biotherapeutics that are
able to interact concomitantly with multiple targets”
(Language) English

Summary:Kiener 博士はオクスフォード大学で生化学で学位を取られた後、米国の大学、

Short summary of the talk:
mAbs just target single antigens whereas diseases are often driven by several
mechanisms that cannot be addressed through a single specificity.
One solution is single molecule therapeutics that have all the desired properties
of a mAb but are able to simultaneously target several mediators or pathways of
disease. We call these Zybodies. These molecules create novel activities that cannot be
achieved with a single&s_comma; or even mixtures of mAbs&s_comma; and thus provide for better
disease intervention. Furthermore&s_comma; these also are made with the cost and development
paradigm of a single agent.

Host: Sumiko Watanabe (Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology)&s_comma;

Hiroshi Kiyono (Division of Mucosal Immunology)