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IMSUT & RCASTGCOE Program Seminar
Date and Time : April 21 &s_comma; 2011 18:00 - 19:00
Venue : 東大医科研、1号館2階セミナー室、First Building 2nd Floor Seminar Room&s_comma;
Inst Med.Sci.&s_comma; Univ. Tokyo
Speaker:Professor Teruko Tamura
Institut fuer Biochemie&s_comma; Medizinische Hochschule Hannover Germany
Seminar Title:THOC5&s_comma; a member of mRNA export complex&s_comma; as a key mRNP biogenesis
factor in cell differentiation
(Language) English
THOC5/Fms interacting protein (FMIP)&s_comma; a member of the mRNA export complex. (THO)&s_comma;
was originally identified as a substrate for the Macrophage Colony Stimulating
Factor (M-CSF) receptor tyrosine kinase&s_comma; Fms. THOC5 is phosphorylated not only by
several tyrosine kinases&s_comma; but also by protein kinase C&s_comma; by the downstream kinase from
insulin stimulus or ATM kinase&s_comma; suggesting that extracellular stimulation regulates
the function of THOC5. Using interferon inducible THOC5 knockout mice&s_comma; we have shown
that THOC5 is essential at an early stage of mouse development and that this gene
is essential for survival in adult mice. In these knockout mice&s_comma; bone marrow cells
become apoptotic&s_comma; hematopoietic progenitor cell numbers collapse and the animals
become anemic. Surprisingly&s_comma; only 2.9% of the total genes are affected by the
depletion of THOC5 in fibroblasts under normal condition&s_comma; however under stress conditions
or upon stimulation with growth factors&s_comma; a number of THOC5 dependent genes in!
creased. We further identified mRNAs which were detected in the nucleus as spliced
forms&s_comma; but not exported into the cytoplasm in the absence of THOC5. A half of genes
were involved in differentiation processes&s_comma; suggesting that THOC5 may play a role
in fine tuning differentiation processes dependent upon the extracellular
Host: Tadashi Yamamoto (Division of Oncology)&s_comma; Motoharu Seiki (Division of
Cancer Cell Research)