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栗原 裕基

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> グローバルCOE特別セミナー/代謝生理化学セミナー(平成23年度)
> 講師: 中野 敦 博士
> Atsushi Nakano&s_comma; MD&s_comma; PhD
> Department of Molecular&s_comma; Cell and Developmental Biology&s_comma; Eli and Edythe Broad
Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research&s_comma; University of California&s_comma; Los
> 演題:
> Lineage diversification of cardiovascular progenitor cells
> 要旨:
> The circulatory system is the first organ system that develops during the
mammalian life. The heart tube serves as a pump that starts to beat even before the
formation of effective circulatory loop&s_comma; and the dorsal aortae serve as conduits that
form independently from the heart tube and link to it soon after. These two organs
are structurally and genetically similar and likely share the developmental program
during their formation. Using genetically modified mouse and ES lines&s_comma; we have
previously demonstrated that primordial Flk1/Isl1/Nkx2.5 cardiovascular precursor cells
give rise to three cardiovascular cell types . cardiac&s_comma; smooth muscle and
endothelial cells. However&s_comma; we are still at a primitive stage in understanding how the
multi-lineage potential of the cardiovascular progenitors serves to the morphogenesis
and function of the embryonic circulatory system. In this seminar&s_comma; I will discuss the
biological significance of the lineage diversification of the cardiovascular
> recursors.
> 日時:
> 2011 年3 月24 日(木)17:00~18:30
> 会場:
> 東京大学医学系研究科
> 医学部教育研究棟13F 第5 セミナー室
> http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/campusmap/cam01_02_09_j.html
> 世話人:
> 栗原裕基
> 東京大学大学院 医学系研究科
> 分子細胞生物学専攻 代謝生理化学分野
> 03-5841-3496
> http://bio.m.u-tokyo.ac.jp