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日時 : 平成23年 3月 8日 (火曜日) 13:30 ~ 14:30

会場 : (財)東京都医学研究機構 東京都臨床医学総合研究所 2階会議室

演題 : "Sequencing the transcriptome reveals novel regulatory elements and mechanisms"


演者 : Carsten O. Daub&s_comma; PhD

Facility Director&s_comma; LSA Bioinformatics Core Facility

Omics Science Center (OSC)

RIKEN Yokohama Institute


Daub博士は横浜理研オミクスセンターBioinformatics Core Facilityの責任者として、トランスクリプトーム解析などを通じて遺伝子ネットワークの解明を行なっておられます。
また FANTOM (Functional Annotation of the Mammalian Genome) プロジェクトにおいてもコアバイオインフォーマティクスグループとして重要な貢献をされております。

While each of the cells in an individual contain the same genomic DNA&s_comma; the RNA of the transcriptome as the active output of the genome causes all cells to be different. Recent technology developments in high-throughput sequencing enable the very detailed profiling of the transcriptome and enable the characterization of differences between cell types or under certain conditions such as development or disease. The RIKEN OSC developed the CAGE technology and also employs established short and long RNA sequencing. We proposed a system to identify gene regulatory networks based on CAGE as the organizers of the international FANTOM consortium. Novel classes of non-protein coding transcripts as well as new regulatory roles of known expressed genomic repeat elements were uncovered. The presentation will show the current advances in transcriptomics and demonstrate recent novel findings.

〔世話人:ゲノム動態プロジェクト 正井 久雄〕

Hisao Masai
Genome Dynamics Project&s_comma;
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science&s_comma;
2-1-6 Kamikitazawa&s_comma; Setagaya-ku&s_comma; Tokyo 156-8506&s_comma; JAPAN
Tel: 81-3-5316-3231 Fax: 81-3-5316-3145; E-mail: masai-hs@igakuken.or.jp

正井 久雄
東京都臨床医学総合研究所 ゲノム動態プロジェクト
郵便番号 156-8506
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