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GCOE seminar

Date and Time: January 28th &s_comma; 2011 17 :00 18:00 pm

Venue : 1st Building&s_comma; Auditorium&s_comma; Inst.Med.Sci.&s_comma; Univ. Tokyo

Speaker:Dr. Motomu Shimaoka&s_comma; M.D.&s_comma; Ph.D. Associate Professor

Affiliation:Immune Disease Institute&s_comma; Children’s Hospital Boston&s_comma; and Harvard Medical School&s_comma; USA

Seminar Title:MicroRNA Regulation of Integrin Activation in T cells (Language) English

Summary:Integrins are the family of cell adhesion molecules that mediate cell-to-cell and cell-to-matrix interactions in a wide range of biological phenomena. The most unique feature of integrins is that the ability to bind ligand is dynamically regulated in response to internal and external cues. This dynamism in adhesiveness enables lymphocytes to rapidly arrest on endothelial cells as well as to efficiently transmigrate into tissues. This seminar will present our work showing the importance of integrin conformational changes in regulating tissue-specific homing of T cells. I will also share our recent finding that microRNAs regulate integrin activation in T cells&s_comma; thereby suggesting a novel mechanism governing cell stickiness and homing behaviors.

Host: Hiroshi Kiyono (Division of Mucosal Immunology )&s_comma;

Kensuke Miyake (Division of Infectious Genetics)