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日時 : 平成22年 12月 3日 (金曜日) 14:00 ~ 15:00

会場 : (財)東京都医学研究機構 東京都臨床医学総合研究所 2階会議室

演題 : Checkpoint abrogation and mitotic catastrophe in tumorigenesis and cancer


演者 : Dr. Randy Y.C. Poon&s_comma; Professor&s_comma; Division of Life Science&s_comma; The Hong Kong
University of Science and Technology&s_comma; Clear Water Bay&s_comma; Hong Kong



The ability of a cell to halt cell division after DNA damage is fundamental for maintaining genome stability. This is carried out by an evolutionary conserved surveillance mechanism termed the G2 DNA damage checkpoint. Abrogation of this checkpoint can promote unscheduled mitosis&s_comma; triggering a mode of cell death called mitotic catastrophe. Checkpoint abrogation and mitotic catastrophe are believed to play critical roles in tumorigenesis. Cells that are unable to maintain the checkpoint and fail to be eliminated by mitotic catastrophe are prone to genome instability and transformation. Furthermore&s_comma; checkpoint abrogation and mitotic catastrophe are being exploited as new approaches of cancer therapies. Studies from our group indicate that following bypass of the ionizing radiation-induced checkpoint with the CHK1 inhibitor UCN-01 (7-hydroxystaurosporine)&s_comma; a subset of cells were immediately eliminated during the first mitosis after checkpoint abrogation. However&s_comma; about h!
alf of the cells remained viable and progressed into G1. I will discuss how the combination of factors including cell line-specificity&s_comma; DNA damage&s_comma; and the spindle-assembly checkpoint affect the outcome of checkpoint abrogation. Experiments suggesting how these factors can be explored as potential cancer therapies will also be discussed.


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