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演題:Experience driven synaptic delivery of AMPA receptors in vivo.

演者: 横浜市立大学大学院医学研究科生理学
 高橋 琢哉 教授

日時:平成22年7月12日(月) 14:30~16:00

場所:医学部教育研究棟13階 第6セミナー室

要旨:Various mental stresses have variety of effects on brain
functions. Social isolation&s_comma; a long-lasting stressful event&s_comma; early in
life has profound lifelong influence on emotional and cognitive
behaviors. However&s_comma; the mechanism by which neonatal isolation affects
synapses is poorly understood. During early postnatal brain
development&s_comma; experience-driven delivery of AMPA receptors to synapses
participates in the initial organization of cortical function. We
examined if social isolation perturbs this process in the developing rat
barrel cortex. We found that neonatal social isolation disrupted
subsequent long-term potentiation and experience-dependent synaptic
trafficking of AMPA receptors which resulted in the disruption of the
functional whisker-barrel map in the layer2/3 of barrel cortex and
whisker dependent behavior. Furthermore&s_comma; we showed that these effects
were mediated by the stress hormone glucocorticoid This indicates that
stress with neonatal social isolation alters neuronal plasticity
mechanisms and thus perturbs the initial establishment of a normal
cortical circuit.

主催:東京大学大学院薬学系研究科 (教授 松木 則夫)

連絡先:東京大学大学院医学系研究科 構造生理学教室
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