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Neurochemistry Seminar Announcement

Imaging the spatial dynamics of synaptic proteins in neurons: mechanisms and

Paul De Koninck&s_comma; Ph.D.
Professor&s_comma; Cellular Neurobiolgy Unit&s_comma; Université Laval Robert-Giffard&s_comma; Québec&s_comma;

Time: May 6th 2010 (Thu) 12:00~13:00
Place: Seminar Room 5 (Room 1303)&s_comma; 13th floor&s_comma; New Medical Research Building
Host: Haruhiko Bito&s_comma; Department of Neurochemistry (tel: 03-5841-3560)

A Neuroscience Lecture Series Supported by the Comprehensive Center of Education
and Research for Chemical Biology of the Diseases&s_comma; a Global COE Program from

Paul De Koninck 博士は CaMKII 研究の第一人者として名高い新進気鋭の神経科学者で


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