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2nd Symposium of the IMSUT & RCAST Global COE
~ Host and Microbe: New Windows on Homeostasis&s_comma;
New Roads to Intervention ~
Tuesday March 2nd&s_comma; 2010 10:00-17:30
Venue: Auditorium of The Institute of Medical Science&s_comma;
The University of Tokyo
(Subway Nanboku/Mita line&s_comma; Shirokane-dai station)
Free Admission (No advance registration required.)

10:00-10:10 Opening remarks
Motoharu Seiki
[Dean /Professor&s_comma; The Institute of Medical Science&s_comma;
The University of Tokyo (IMSUT)]

Chair: Aikichi Iwamoto [Professor&s_comma; IMSUT]
10:10-10:55 Dynamics of cytotoxic T
lymphocyte responses
in simian immunodeficiency virus controllers
Tetsuro Matano [Professor&s_comma; IMSUT]

10:55-11:40 T Cells and the Control of HIV
Richard A. Koup [Chief of Immunology Laboratory&s_comma; National
Institutes of Health&s_comma; USA]

11:40-12:00 Indigenous TNF-producing CD11c
cells establish
a symbiosis with the gut microbiota
Yoshiyuki Goto [Research Fellow&s_comma; IMSUT]

12:00-13:30 Lunch & Poster Session

Chair: Chieko Kai [Professor&s_comma; IMSUT]
13:30-14:15 Symbiotic bacteria and the
development of
the immune system
Gerard Eberl [Director of Research Unit&s_comma; Institut Pasteur&s_comma; France]

14:15-14:35 A Bacterial effector&s_comma; OspE
targets integrin-linked
kinase to stabilize focal adhesions and block epithelial cell detachment
Minsoo Kim [Project Assistant Professor&s_comma; IMSUT]

14:35-15:20 Integrins for Leukocyte-
directed siRNA Delivery
Motomu Shimaoka [Associate Professor&s_comma; Harvard Medical School&s_comma; USA]

15:20-15:35 Coffee break

Chair: Hiroshi Kiyono [Professor&s_comma; IMSUT]
15:35-16:20 The Roles of IL-17A and IL-17F
in Inflammation and
Host Defense against Infection
Yoichiro Iwakura [Professor&s_comma; IMSUT]

16:20-16:40 Role of Th17 cells in Th2-type
allergic airway inflammation
Susumu Nakae [Project Associate Professor&s_comma; IMSUT]

16:40-17:25 Toll-like Receptors and
Shizuo Akira [Director&s_comma; WPI Immunology Frontier Research Center&s_comma;
Osaka University&s_comma; Japan]

17:25-17:30 Closing remarks
Hiroshi Kiyono [Professor&s_comma; IMSUT]