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歯と骨のグローバルCOE 歯と骨の分子疾患科学の国際教育研究拠点
日程:2010年2月11日木曜日 9時30分―17時 
場所:東京医科歯科大学 歯学部 特別講堂     参加無料

Surface Modification and Design of Dental Implant

Peter Schupbach  University of Pennsylvania&s_comma;

Peter Thomsen   University of Gothenburg

塙 隆夫 東京医科歯科大学 生体材料工学研究所 金属材料学 教授

吉成 正雄 東京歯科大学 口腔科学センター 教授

澤瀬 隆 長崎大学 大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 口腔インプラント学 

伴 清治 鹿児島大学 医歯学総合研究科 歯科生体材料工学 教授

春日井昇平    東京医科歯科大学 大学院医歯学総合研究科口腔機能再構築学系専攻

Peter Schupbach

Adjunct Professor of Periodontics&s_comma; University of Pennsylvania&s_comma; USA Peter
Schupbach studied natural sciences at the Federal Technical High School of
Switzerland and did 1979 his degree as Doctor of Science.
He spent over 20 years at the Dental Institute of the University of Zurich
as a head of a histological group. He has a PhD in biology and was lecturer
at the Faculty of Medicine of the University Zurich for ?Oral Biology and
He is member of several international organizations and author of over 50
publications in the fields of implantology&s_comma; tissue regeneration&s_comma; and oral
microbiology. He is an international lecturer in implantology. He is Adjunct
Associate Professor at the School of Dentistry&s_comma; Medical College of Georgia&s_comma;
Augusta and since 2008 he is Adjunct Professor of Periodontics at the School
of Medicine&s_comma; Robert Schattner Center&s_comma; University of Pennsylvania&s_comma; USA. He
also runs a Research Center for Implants and Biomaterials in Switzerland.

Peter Thomsen
Professor&s_comma; Department of Biomaterials&s_comma; Institute for Clinical Sciences&s_comma;
Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg
Phone: +46-31 7862964
E-mail: peter.thomsen@biomaterials.gu.se
Prof. Peter Thomsen has published 160 articles&s_comma; and holds 8 patents/patent
applications. He studied under world-renowned Prof. P-I Branemark and L E
Ericson&s_comma; at the Department of Anatomy&s_comma; University of Gothenburg. He received
his MD in 1980 and presented his PhD thesis on “Leukocyte migration and
activation. In 1988 he conducted experimental studies on synovitis induced
by immune complexes. Prof. Thomsen obtained a 4-year fellowship at the
Swedish Medical Research Council&s_comma; then succeeded Prof. Branemark in 1994&s_comma; as
Professor and Chair of Biomaterials. He served as Visiting Professor at the
IRC in Biomedical Materials&s_comma; London 1999?2000&s_comma; and was awarded International
Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering in 2000. In 2003&s_comma; Thomsen
received the European Society for Biomaterials George Winter Award for
excellence in biomaterials research. He became the Scientific Leader of the
Institute of Biomaterials Cell Therapy in Gothenburg in 2005&s_comma; focusing on
the development and application of cell and molecular biological tools for
the understanding of mechanisms of osseointegration. In 2007&s_comma; he was
appointed Director of the BIOMATCELL Vinn Excellence Center of Biomaterials
and Cell Therapy&s_comma; University of Gothenburg&s_comma; a 10-year research program
funded by VINNOVA&s_comma; University of Gothenburg and Swedish medical device
industry. The program is devoted to implant material properties&s_comma; stem cells
and regeneration of the musculoskeletal system. He has supervised 16 PhD
students. His research group currently consists of 3 post-docs and 8 PhD
students studying material-cell interactions and novel routes for future
clinical treatment.