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William Schafer博士は線虫C.エレガンスで最初にin vivoカルシウムイメージン


講師:William R. Schafer
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology(Cambridge &s_comma; England )

演題:Neuroimaging studies of C. elegans pain circuits

要旨:Elucidating the mechanisms by which nervous systems process
information and generate behaviour is among the fundamental problems of
biology. Ultimately&s_comma; it is desirable to understand these processes at
the most basic level&s_comma;that of molecules and cells. We are investigating
these questions using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans&s_comma; which has an
anatomically simple and well-defined nervous system and is tractable to
molecular and classical genetic analysis. Using recently developed
methods for in vivo optical neuroimaging&s_comma; we are investigating how the
activities of individual neurons correlate with behaviour&s_comma; and how genes
with interesting behavioural phenotypes affect the activities of
individual neurons in defined neural circuits.
We are particularly interested in sensory circuits that mediate
responses to noxious stimuli. C.elegans contain polymodal neurons that&s_comma;
like mammalian pain-sensing nociceptors&s_comma; respond to aversive mechanical&s_comma;
chemical&s_comma; and thermal stimuli. The responses of these neurons are
modulated by monoamines as well as opioid signaling. We used these
neurons to investigate molecular mechanisms involved in the sensation of
harsh touch and extreme cold.
In addition&s_comma;we have identified interneurons that integrate convergent
sensory information and allow nocicetive and mechanosensory neurons to
modify each other’s response properties. We anticipate that these
studies will reveal basic conserved principles of sensory transduction
and neural circuit function.


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HA (2009) “Inositol 1&s_comma;4&s_comma;5-trisphosphate signalling regulates the
avoidance response to nose touch in Caenorhabditis elegans” Plos
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Suzuki H&s_comma; Thiele T&s_comma; Faumont S&s_comma; Ezcurra M&s_comma; Lockery S&s_comma; Schafer WR. (2008)
"Functional asymmetry in C. elegans salt taste neurons and its
computational role in chemotaxis behaviour" Nature 454: 114-117.

Kindt KS&s_comma; Quast KB&s_comma; Giles AG&s_comma; De S&s_comma; Hendrey D&s_comma; Nicastro I&s_comma; Rankin CH&s_comma;
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sensory plasticity in C. elegans" Neuron 55: 662-676.

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mechanosensation." Nature Neurosci 10: 568-577.

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