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タイトル:「Toward Sustainable Social Systems」
主催:慶應-理研 人間知性研究センター
場所:慶應義塾大学 日吉キャンパス 協生館 藤原洋記念ホール
   〒223-8521 神奈川県横浜市港北区日吉4-1-1

09:30 Yoshiharu Doi (Executive Director&s_comma; RIKEN) Opening Address
09:40 Shigeru Watanabe (Centre Director&s_comma; CHC) Opening Remarks

Science and Culture (Chair: Shigeru Watanabe)
10:00 Chris Wood (Vice President&s_comma; Santa Fe Institute)
Catalyzing trans-disciplinary research: Lessons from SFI’s 25-year experience
11:00 Monique van Donzel (Nanyan Technological University)
Directions of NTU towards an Asian hub for interdisciplinary research
11:40 Erling Norrby (The Royal Swedish Academy of Science&s_comma; Institute Para Limes)
Do the cultural conditions for making discoveries awarded with Nobel Prizes
with time?

Culture and Evolution (Chair: Jan Vasbinder)
13:20 Luis Bettencourt (Los Alamos National Laboratory&s_comma; Santa Fe Institute)
Growth&s_comma; innovation&s_comma; scaling&s_comma; and the pace of life in cities
14:00 Atsushi Iriki (RIKEN Brain Science Institute&s_comma; CHC)
Neuroscience of primates’ intellectual evolution
15:00 Michel Hofman (Royal Academy of Arts and Science&s_comma; Netherlands)
Human cognitive evolution
15:40 Yuichiro Anzai (Keio University)
Is cognition complex?
16:20 John Holland (University of Michigan&s_comma; Santa Fe Institute)
Future directions of complex adaptive systems

Complex System (Chair: Monique van Donzel)
09:20 Yilong Lu (Nanyan Technological University)
Evolutionary algorithm in natural&s_comma; artificial and social systems
10:00 Hideyuki Okano (Keio University&s_comma; CHC)
Innovative technologies on CNS regeneration and generation of neurological
diseases model
11:00 Peter van den Besselaar (Rathenau Institute&s_comma; Institute Para Limes)
Science as a Complex Ecosystem
11:40 Helena Hong Gao (Nanyan Technological University)
Linguistics as a complex adaptive system

Sustainable Evolution (Chair: Chris Wood)
13:20 Daan Frenkel (University of Cambridge&s_comma; Institute Para Limes)
Thermodynamics and phase transitions
14:00 Jessika Trancik (Omidyar Fellow&s_comma; Santa Fe Institute)
Modeling the innovation dynamics of energy systems and the levers for
reducing carbon emissions
15:00 Jan Vasbinder (President&s_comma; Institute Para Limes)
Direction of IPL and intellectual interactions in Europe
15:40 Takashi Maeno (Keio University&s_comma; CHC)
Concluding Discussions

16:10 Toshiaki Makabe (Executive Director&s_comma; Keio University) Closing Address