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Date and Time: October 2nd&s_comma; 2009 16:00 - 17:30
Venue : Second Building 2F Large lecture room&s_comma; Univ.Tokyo&s_comma;
(Subway Nanboku/Mita line&s_comma; Shirokanedai station)
Speaker: Prof. Jeffery V. Ravetch
Position : Professor&s_comma; Head&s_comma; laboratory of Molecular Genetics and
Affiliation:The Rockefeller University
(Country) U.S.A
Seminar Title:Modulating immunity through Fc receptors
(Language) English

Fc receptors (FcRs) bind to immune complexes and facilitates their
endocytosis. The cytoplasmic portion of FcR has ITAM or ITIM motif&s_comma;
and delivers activating or inhibitory signal&s_comma; respectively. FcRs are
known to be important for both triggering and terminating immune
responses. FcRs have been implicated in a variety of immune disorders
including autoimmune diseases and allergies. The Fc receptor could
potentially be a useful therapeutic for many autoimmune diseases.
Prof. Ravetch has contributed to understanding of roles for FcR in
the immune system by cloning FcR cDNA and establishing mice lacking
FcRs. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2006. His
talk will cover from molecular properties of FcRs to the potential
use of FcRs as an immunomodulator.

Profile of Jeffrey Ravetch. Interview by Philip Downey. PNAS 2009&s_comma;

Host: Prof. Kensuke Miyake (Division of Infectious Genetics )
Prof. Yoichiro Iwakura (Division of Molecular Pathogenesis)