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タイトル:Multiple tricks of serotonin during development

演者:Dr. Patricia Gaspar (Inserm&s_comma; France)

日時: 平成21年9月15日(火) 午後4時30分~5時30分
場所: 東大医学系研究科教育研究棟 13階第8セミナー室

問合せ:東京大学大学院医学系研究科 神経機能解明ユニット 
河崎洋志 03-5841-3616&s_comma; kawasaki@m.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Dr. Gasparは視覚系および体性感覚系神経回路形成のメカニズムを解析しており、特に神経回路形成過程におけるセロトニンの重要性を次々に明らかにしてきました。今回、日本神経科学学会へ招聘された際に、東大でもセミナーをして頂けることになりましたので、ご案内申し上げます。

Serotonin (5-HT) is a phylogenetically ancient signaling molecule
exerting many important physiological and cognitive processes&s_comma; and
matures very early during development. While its developmental role
in the wiring of selected brain circuits has been clearly assessed
in genetic models that increased the serotoninergic tone&s_comma; such as
mutations of the monoamine oxidase (MAOA)&s_comma; or the serotonin
transporter (5-HTT) genes&s_comma; the function of the endogenous serotonin
tone during development and adult life have been difficult to
evaluate because of a lack of apropriate models. Several genetic
models for serotonin depletion have been prooduced over the last two
years that fill in this gap. While these models enlighten some of the
functions of 5-HT during development&s_comma; they are also providing a more
complex picture of the developmental/ adult functions of serotonin&s_comma;
and are unveiling the existence of a great heterogeneity of the
developing serotonin systems.