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7月28日(火)16時からの東大 農学部セミナー(7号館104/105号教室)のご案内です。



Molecular pathways regulating gonadal development in mice

Peter Koopman 教授

(Institute for Molecular Bioscience&s_comma; The University of Queensland&s_comma; Australia)

日時 7月28日(火)16:00-17:00

場所 東京大学 農学部 7号館A 1階104/5号教室

文京区弥生1-1-1 (千代田線&s_comma;根津駅、南北線&s_comma;東大駅前下車)


要旨:Different patterns of gene activity cause development of either testes or ovaries from the same primitive tissue in the embryo. The cells of this tissue must be able to specialize for either male or female roles&s_comma; depending on genetic and hormonal signals received. These signals are easily upset&s_comma; resulting in either sexual ambiguity or complete sex reversal in some individuals. In mammals&s_comma; Sry (sex-determining region Y gene) is the master regulator of male sex determination. Intriguingly&s_comma; the mechanisms by which it mediates its developmental functions are still elusive&s_comma; but it appears that Sry function and hence the mechanisms controlling male sexual development are fragile&s_comma; a situation that has profound biological&s_comma; medical and evolutionary implications. In this seminar&s_comma; the transcriptional and signalling pathways initiated by Sry to promote testis development and ensure proper specification of germ cell fate are discussed.



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