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タイトル:Molecular Neurobiology of Social Bonding

演者:Prof. Larry J. Young
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Emory University School of Medicine&s_comma; USA

日時: 平成21年7月17日(金) 午前11時~12時
場所: 東大医学系研究科教育研究棟13階1304B号室(第7セミナー室)

Dr. Larry Youngは、oxytocinやvasopressionなどの神経ペプチドの、動物の本能的社会行動への影響を研究しています。来日される折に、セミナーをして頂けることになりましたのでご案内申し上げます。本講演会は医学部大学院公開科目「疾患のケミカルバイオロジー」セミナーを兼ねています。

問合せ:医学系研究科 神経機能解明ユニット 
河崎洋志 03-5841-3616&s_comma; kawasaki@m.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Understanding the neural mechanisms underlying normal social interactions and social attachments may have important implications for understanding psychiatric disorders with impairments in social behavior&s_comma; including autism spectrum disorders. We have been performing comparative studies in rodent species with divergent social organization to gain insights into the neural circuits and molecular mechanisms that regulate complex social behaviors&s_comma; including social bonding between mates. Comparative studies in socially monogamous prairie voles and promiscuous montane and meadow voles suggest that the neuropeptides oxytocin and vasopressin play important roles in social bonding bonding. I will also discuss studies in humans suggesting that the oxytocin and vasopressin system also modulate social behavior in humans in ways remarkably parallel to our discoveries in voles.

河崎 洋志 (Hiroshi Kawasaki)


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