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GCOE Program Seminar
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Date and Time: JULY 8&s_comma; 2009 16:00 - 17:00
Venue : 2nd building 2F large lecture room
Institute of Medical Science&s_comma; University of Tokyo
(Nanboku/Mita line&s_comma; Shirokane-dai station)
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Hunter
Position : Professor and Chair
Affiliation:Department of Pathobiology&s_comma; School of Veterinary
Medicine&s_comma; University of Pennsylvania&s_comma; Philadelphia
(Country: USA)
Seminar Title:The role of IL-27 in limiting infection-induced
(Language: English)
T cells contribute to the control of many infections but can also
contribute to immune-pathology associated with certain chronic
diseases. Consequently&s_comma; there are numerous regulatory networks that
limit the pathological response and early studies identified IL-10 as
a key cytokine to prevent immune hyper-reactivity. More recently&s_comma; the
heterodimeric cytokine IL-27 has been shown to limit T cell responses
(Th1 and Th17) during toxoplasmosis and to inhibit multiple T helper
cell responses during other parasitic infections. Some of these
effects are through direct inhibition of T cell responses&s_comma; but IL-27
can also induce the production of IL-10. Moreover&s_comma; our preliminary
data indicate that different components of IL-27 have unique
biological functions and this has raised questions about the role of
the cytokine sub-units in promoting protective anti-parasite
responses versus limiting infection-induced pathology and controlling
Treg populations.

Host:Yoichiro Iwakura (Laboratory of Cell Biology)&s_comma;
Susumu Nakae (Frontier Research Initiative)
Sumiko Watanabe
Inst.Med.Sci.&s_comma; Univ.Tokyo