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2.20 神経生化学セミナーのご案内
Neurochemistry Seminar Announcement

Title: The Logics of Networks in Motion - from decision making to microcircuits
and ion channels
Lecturer: Sten Grillner&s_comma; M.D.&s_comma; Ph.D. 
Affiliation: Professor and Director&s_comma; Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology&s_comma;
Department of Neuroscience&s_comma; Karolinska Institutet

Time: February 20th&s_comma; 2009 (Fri) 16:00~17:00
Place: Room 333&s_comma; 3rd floor&s_comma; Medical Library Building
Host: Haruhiko Bito&s_comma; Department of Neurochemistry (03-5841-3560)

Supported by the Comprehensive Center of Education and Research for Chemical
Biology of the Diseases&s_comma; a Global COE Program from MEXT.

Professor Grillner is has been a pioneer in identifying the cellular basis of
motor behavior. In particular&s_comma; his work has elucidated how neuronal circuits in
the spine help control rhythmic movements&s_comma; such as those needed for locomotion.
His research now extends from ion channels and synapses to gene expression&s_comma;
network mechanisms and behavior&s_comma; utilizing a multitude of techniques from patch
clamp and cellular imaging to modeling and studies of behavior. Using the
lamprey as a model organism&s_comma; his efforts led to a deep understanding of the
cellular networks responsible for the command and pattern generating systems for
locomotion including steering and posture. For his achievements&s_comma; he was a
co-recipient&s_comma; with Thomas Jessell and Pasko Rakic&s_comma; of the 2008 Kavli Prize for
Neuroscience&s_comma; the most prestigious Award dedicated to a neuroscientist.