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<LIAI-RCAI Joint Workshop 2009>
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology (CA&s_comma; USA)と理化学研究所免疫アレルギー科学総合研究センター(RCAI)の合同ワークショップを、1月7日に開催いたします。皆様のご来聴をお待ち申し上げます。

LIAI-RCAI Joint Workshop 2009
=Regulation of Lymphocyte Function and Immune Responses=
日時: 2009年1月7日(水)、 9:00~17:25
場所: 理化学研究所横浜研究所 北棟 6F   大セミナールーム
  事前登録: 不要
  参 加  費: 無料

Hiroshi KAWAMOTO&s_comma; RCAI "Myeloid potential is retained in T cell
progenitors: Revised scheme for hematopoiesis"

Ichiro TANIUCHI&s_comma; RCAI "Lineage decision in thymus"

Tadashi YOKOSUKA&s_comma; RCAI "Dynamic regulation of T cell co-stimulation by
TCR-CD28 microclusters"

Amnon ALTMAN&s_comma; LIAI "SLAT: A novel GEF coordinating actin cytoskeleton
reorganization and Ca2+ signaling in T cells"

Tomohiro KUROSAKI&s_comma; RCAI "Calcium signal in immune cells"

Yun-Cai LIU&s_comma; LIAI "Protein ubiquitination in immune regulation"

Satoshi ISHIDO&s_comma; RCAI "E3 ubiquitin ligases for MHC molecules"

Tsuneyasu KAISHO&s_comma; RCAI " How dendritic cell subsets respond to nucleic
acid adjuvants?"

Alessandro SETTE&s_comma; LIAI "Structural features of immunodominance in
antibody&s_comma; helper and cytotoxic responses to vaccinia virus"

Hiroshi WATARAI&s_comma; RCAI "PDC-TREM&s_comma; a novel plasmacytoid dendritic cell
receptor&s_comma; is responsible for augmentation of type I interferon production
after Toll-like receptor triggering"

Hilde CHEROUTRE&s_comma; LIAI "Controlling tolerance and protective immunity
from the outside in"

Hiroshi OHNO&s_comma; RCAI "Bacterial uptake receptors on intestinal M cells"

Matthias von HERRATH&s_comma; LIAI "Dendritic cells activated by viral
infection or TLR signaling in vivo promote regulatory mechanisms that
prevent autoimmune diabetes."

Keigo NISHIDA&s_comma; RCAI "Role of zinc transporter in mast cell
mediated-allergic reaction"

Fumihiko ISHIKAWA&s_comma; RCAI "Reconstitution of human immunity and diseases

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