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独立行政法人日本学術振興会 先端研究拠点事業 
先端ライフワークショップ 骨と軟骨の分子制御 2008年12月2日ー5日 のお知らせ



参加費無料     要参加申し込み    難治疾患研究所・分子薬理学あて

【申込先】 東京医科歯科大学 難治疾患研究所 分子薬理学
〒101-0062  東京都千代田区神田駿河台2-3-10 Tel/Fax 03-5280-8067
   浦田圭乃 あて   E-mail: turata.mph@mri.tmd.ac.jp

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“Forefront on Advanced Bone and Joint Science 2008 “

-------- Molecular Regulation of Bone and Cartilage Tissues --------

―Symposium and Workshop―

Advanced Bone and Joint Science (ABJS)

International Collaboration Symposium between

Core to Core Program of Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) &

Canadian Arthritis Network (CAN)

Co-sponsored by;

Global Center of Excellence (Global COE) Program

“International Research Center for Molecular Science in Tooth and Bone Diseases”

  Medical Top Track Program

Venue: Tokyo Medical and Dental University (会場 東京医科歯科大学、御茶ノ水)


(Core to Core program&s_comma; Supported by Japanese Society for Promotion of Science http://www.jsps.go.jp/j-bilat/core_to_core/index.html).

Tuesday&s_comma; December2&s_comma; 2008


10:00 President Address Takashi Ohyama&s_comma;

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Director Address Mami Oyama

Director&s_comma; International Program Department&s_comma; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

CAN Address Jane Aubin

Canadian Arthritis Network


10:10 Masaki Noda&s_comma; Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Session Tu-1: Skeletal Cell Lineage

10:30 Jane Aubin&s_comma; University of Toronto

The osteoblast lineage

11:30 Derrick Rancourt&s_comma; University of Calgary

Loss of discordant cells during micro-mass differentiation of embryonic stem cells into the chondrocyte lineage.

12:30-13:00 Break

Session Tu-2: Transcription Factors and Epigenetics

13:00 Erwin Wagner&s_comma; Spanish National Cancer Research Centre

AP-1 (Fos/Jun) functions in Health and Disease

14:00 Shigeaki Kato&s_comma; University of Tokyo

Epigenetic regulators for nuclear receptors

15:00 Break

Session Tu-3: Cell Signaling in Biology

15:05 Sandra S. McAllister&s_comma; Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

How do tumors get what they need?

16:05 Noriyuki Tsumaki &s_comma; Osaka University

Roles of bone morphogenetic protein signals in cartilage formation

Special Lecture

17:05 Henry Kronenberg&s_comma; Harvard University

Growth plate closure in the absence of PTHrP receptors

Social Hour with Buffet

18:15 Mixing at Garden Palace Hotel&s_comma; Tokyo&s_comma; 3F Room Hei-an

Wednesday&s_comma; December 3&s_comma; 2008

Session W-1: Tumors and Skeletal Reconstruction

09:00 Nora M. Navone&s_comma; University of Texas

Bone metastases from prostate cancer: a significant medical problem

10:00 Masataka Majima&s_comma; Kitasato University

Neuronal system-dependent facilitation of angiogenesis during tumor growth and chronic proliferative inflammation

11:00 Break

11:05 Ung-il Chung&s_comma; University of Tokyo

Osteogenic and chondrogenic factors during endochondral bone formation

12:05-13:00 Break

Session W-2: Genetics in Bone Research

13:00 Erwin Wagner&s_comma; Spanish National Cancer Research Centre

New approaches to study AP-1 gene functions in bone development

14:00 Shiro Ikegawa&s_comma; RIKEN

Genomic analysis of bone and joint diseases: Integrated approach from human and mouse genetics toward the disease genes and molecular pathogenesis of the diseases

15:00 Break

Session W-3: Bone Cell Regulation

15:05 Veronica Ulici&s_comma; University of Western Ontario

Kinase pathways in cartilage development and osteoarthritis

15:35 Hiroshi Kawaguchi&s_comma; University of Tokyo

Transcriptional regulation of chondrocyte differentiation.

16:35-16:40 Break

16:40 David Lee&s_comma; University of Toronto

In vitro tissue-engineered cartilage from sheep bone marrow stromal cells on a porous calcium polyphosphate substrate

17:10 Koichi Matsuo&s_comma; Keio University

Regulation of osteoblasts by osteoclasts.

Thursday&s_comma; December 4&s_comma; 2008

Session Th-1:Growth and Differentiation Modulators and DNA

09:00 Sandra S. McAllister&s_comma; Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Systemic instigation of indolent tumor outgrowth requires osteopontin

10:00 Shigeaki Kato&s_comma; University of Tokyo

Hormonal control of DNA demethylation for gene activation

11:00 Break

11:05 Masaharu Takigawa&s_comma; Okayama University

Role of CCN2/CTGF/Hcs24 in skeletal growth

12:05-13:00 Break

Session Th-2: Tissue Formation and Cells

13:00 Rita Arbetman Kandel&s_comma; University of Toronto

Towards Engineering a Biological Joint Replacement

14:00 Mototsugu Eiraku&s_comma; RIKEN

Self-organized formation of polarized cortical tissues from ESCs

14:30 Yoichi Ezura&s_comma; Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Methylation status of CpG-islands in the promoter regions of signature genes

15:00 Break

Session Th-3: Catabolic and Anabolic Regulation of Bone

15:05 Yukiko Kuroda&s_comma; RIKEN

Osteoblasts induce Ca2+ oscillation-independent NFATc1 activation during osteoclastogenesis

16:05 Tomoki Nakashima&s_comma; Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Molecular mechanism in osteoclastogenesis

17:05 Naoshi Ogata&s_comma; University of Tokyo

Molecular mechanisms underlying osteoanabolic action of PTH.

Friday&s_comma; December 5&s_comma; 2008

Session F-1: Signaling Molecules in Skeleton

09:00 Henry Kronenberg&s_comma; Harvard University

Multiple roles of Gs alpha in osteoblasts

10:00 Hiromichi Kimura&s_comma; Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

Effects of small molecule inhibitors of Hh signaling pathway in tumorigenesis and in postnatal bone development

11:00 Break

11:05 Arthur Vinicius Sampaio

Function of the Retinoid Signaling Pathway in Osteogenesis

12:05-13:00 Break

Session F-2: Skeletal Diseases and Cytokines

13:00 Nora M. Navone&s_comma; University of Texas

Androgen Receptor–Negative Human Prostate Cancer Cells Induce Osteogenesis through FGF9-Mediated Mechanisms

14:00 Akihiro Yasoda&s_comma; Kyoto University

Translational research of CNP/GC-B system for skeletal dysplasias

15:00 Break

Session F-3: Skeletal Pathology and Repair

15:05 Caroline Hoemann&s_comma; École Polytechnique

A novel medical device for articular cartilage repair based on in situ scaffold-guided cartilage regeneration

16:05 Jane Aubin&s_comma; University of Toronto

ENU mutagenesis for new mouse models of human bone disease

17:05 Closing

Masaki Noda&s_comma; Tokyo Medical and Dental University