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"The AhR and Human Health: How This Mysterious Dioxin Receptor Can Affect Your Health?"

2008年9月2日(火) 午後4時30分から6時

疾患生命工学センター セミナー室 (医学部一号館2階 N204室)

Fumio Matsumura (松村文夫)&s_comma; Ph.D.&s_comma; Professor
Department of Environmental Toxicology&s_comma; University of California Davis

In this seminar I will present the evidence supporting the existence of a distinct nongenomic inflammatory pathway&s_comma; which carries out the toxic signaling of dioxin-activated AhR&s_comma; even in the absence of participation of ARNT. Necessary information will be provided to explain how such nongenomic signaling of the dioxin-activated AhR leads to the long lasting chronic toxicity of dioxin. Next&s_comma; I will report our latest discovery that there exist a close collaborative interaction between AhR and RelB&s_comma; a member of the NFkB nuclear transcription factor. The AhR-RelB dimmer formed in the nucleus is capable of functionally activating both AhR and some NFkB target genes without the aid of ARNT or AhR ligands. The significance of this mode of AhR activation has been realized when we discovered the existence of the AhR over-expressing type of breast cancer&s_comma; which turned out to be consistently associated with co-activation of RelB. Those cancer cells exhibit typical malignant phenotypes&s_comma; which can be attenuated by cell treatment with siAhR. The unifying message emerging from these findings is that one of the major roles of AhR must be coordination of stress responses&s_comma; giving the host cells and eventually the host organisms to survive in the stressful environment.


URL: http://env-health.m.u-tokyo.ac.jp/seminar0902.pdf

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