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演者: 井上 尊生 博士
Chemical and Systems Biology Bio-X Program&s_comma; Stanford University

演題: Engineering Cellular Behavior: The Polarity Machinery of
Chemotactic Cells

日時: 平成19年11月16日(金) 14:00~15:00
場所: 東京大学医学部教育研究棟13階 第8セミナー室

Cell migration has been intensely investigated due to its involvement in a
number of physiological events including angiogenesis&s_comma; immunity&s_comma; wound
healing&s_comma; and the establishment of neuronal networks. While the molecular
mechanisms underlying cell migration are becoming clearer&s_comma; investigations
are limited without tools for temporally manipulating protein activity and
second messenger levels in living cells. I have previously introduced an
inducible heterodimerization strategy to control GTPase activity on the
second timescale. As an extension of this technique&s_comma; I have recently
developed a system for the in situ manipulation of phosphoinositides&s_comma;
critical regulators of cell migration. In this study I apply both the
GTPase and phosphoinositide inducible systems to quantitatively probe the
polarity machinery of chemotactic cells in order to address a fundamental
question in cellmigration: how do cells sense a small gradient of external
cues and convert it into morphological polarization?
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井上尊生博士は、東京大学大学院薬学系研究科およびStanford Univ.において、
chemical biologyの分野で顕著な業績をあげている新進気鋭の研究者です。この度来

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