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  ●申込先 東京医科歯科大学 難治疾患研究所 分子薬理学 101-0062 東千代田区神田駿河台2-3-10 Tel/Fax 03-5280-8067

申し込み先: 浦田圭乃 E-mail: turata.mph.mri.tmd.ac.jp (住所・氏名・所属をお知らせ下さい)

参加費:   無料


「Stem Cell Regulation and Bone Science」-Symposium and Workshop-

Advanced Bone and Joint Science (ABJS)

Venue: Tokyo Medical and Dental University

(Core to Core program&s_comma;Supported by Japanese Society for Promotion of
Science http://www.jsps.go.jp/j-bilat/core_to_core/index.html).


Sunday&s_comma; October 28&s_comma; 2007

Joint Symposium with Canadian Arthritis Network

9:20 Introduction Masaki Noda&s_comma;Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Session S-1: Canadian and Japanese Arthritis Research

9:30 Johnathan M Riley&s_comma; Canadian Arthritis Network

CAN: a model for network research

9:50 Nobuyuki Miyasaka&s_comma; Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Treatment strategies of rheumatoid arthritis in Japan; Present and future

10:10 Jean Legare&s_comma; Consumer Advisory Council Emeritus Member

The Canadian Arthritis Network’s unique model of consumer involvement in

Session S-2: Mesenchymal Cells and Organogenesis

10:20 Jane Aubin&s_comma; University of Toronto

Leukemia inhibitory factor effects on mesenchymal cell fate choice
and osteogenesis

11:20 Makoto Asashima&s_comma; University of Tokyo

In vitro organogenesis and transplantation in vertebrate development

12:20-13:20 Break

Session S-3: Molecular Bases for Skeletogenesis and Stem Cell Niche

13:20 Michael Underhill&s_comma; University of British Columbia

Delineating the molecular mechanisms underlying chondrogenesis

14:20 Toshio Suda&s_comma; Keio University

Quiescent hematopoietic stem cells in the endosteal niche

15:20-15:30 Break

Session S-4: Humoral and Cellular Control of Bone Metabolism

15:30 Yoichi Nabeshima&s_comma;Kyoto University

   alpha-Klotho: a regulator that integrates calcium homeostasis

16:30 Henry Kronenberg Harvard University

Periosteal origin of the first osteoblasts in the primary

18:00 Social Hour with Buffet (Medico、16F&s_comma; Bldg. B)


Monday&s_comma; October 29&s_comma; 2007

Session M-1: Stem Cell Control and Skeletogenesis

9:00 Marius Wernig&s_comma; Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Epigenetics of stem cell differentiation

10:00 Ung-il Chung&s_comma; Univ of Tokyo

Development of high-performance implant devices

11:00 Levent Akyurek&s_comma; Goteborg University

Filamin B deficiency in mice results in skeletal malformations
and impaired microvascular development

12:00-13:00 Break

Session M-2: Molecular Signaling in Cell Differentiation

13:00 Hiroshi Takayanagi&s_comma;Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Molecular mechanism of osteoclast differentiation

14:00 James R. Woodgett&s_comma;Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

    Genetic analysis of the roles of glycogen synthase kinase-3 in
stem cell fate determination and signaling

15:00 President Address Akio Suzuki

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Director Address Hiromichi Matsuo

International Program Department
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

15:15-15:30 Break

Session M-3: Nuclear Events and Bone Regulation

15:30 Shigeaki Kato&s_comma; University of Tokyo

   Osteoprotective action of sex hormones mediates nuclear sex
hormone receptors in osteoclasts

16:30 Konrad Hochedlinger&s_comma; Center for Cancer Research

Nuclear reprogramming and pluripotency

17:30 Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Transcriptional regulation of cartilage degradation during


Tuesday October 30&s_comma;2007

Session T-1: Regulatory Signaling in Bone Cells

9:00 Henry Kronenberg&s_comma; Harvard University

  PTH receptor signals that regulate development of osteoblasts

10:00 Toshihisa Komori&s_comma; Nagasaki University

Regulation of skeletal development and maintenance by Runx2

11:00 Jane Aubin&s_comma; University of Toronto

  Estrogen receptor-related receptors in skeletogenesis

12:00-13:00 Break

Session T-2: Mesenchymal Cell Differentiation and Signaling

13:00 Bill Stanford&s_comma; University of Toronto

Defining the Mesenchymal Stem Cell - clonality and function

14:00 Anita Woods&s_comma; University of Western Ontario

Rho signalling pathways in chondrocyte differentiation and function

15:00 Hiroshi Kawaguchi&s_comma; University of Tokyo

Bone regeneration by FGF signaling

16:00-16:10 Break

Session T-3: Central System and Skeletogenesis

Moderators: Michael Underhill&s_comma; Hiroshi Kawaguchi

16:10 Shu Takeda&s_comma; Tokyo Medical and Dental University

  A new aspect of central control of bone remodeling

17:10 Kenichi Shinomiya&s_comma; Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Fundamental and clinical study of magnetic field potentials of the
cervical spinal cord for evaluation of spinal cord function


Wednesday October 31&s_comma; 2007

Session W-1: Nuclear Control of Cell Fate

9:00 James R. Woodgett&s_comma; Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

    Regulation of nuclear oncogene functions by phosphorylation

10:00 Shigeaki Kato&s_comma;University of Tokyo

A novel signaling pathway of fat-soluble ligands of transcriptional
factor-type receptors through target protein degradation

11:00 Konrad Hochedlinger&s_comma;Center for Cancer Research

Epigenetic reprogramming of adult cells by defined transcription factors

12:00-13:00 Break

Session W-2: Molecular Bases of Cell Regulation

13:00 Koichi Matsuo&s_comma; Keio University

Ephrin function in bone cell interaction

14:00 Levent Akyurek&s_comma; Goteborg University

Filamin A promotes VEGF-A activity through the HIF-1α-mediated hypoxic

15:00 Marius Wernig&s_comma; Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Generation of pluripotent stem cells through direct reprogramming of

16:00 Closing Remark

Masaki Noda&s_comma; Tokyo Medical and Dental University