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東京大学 大学院 農学生命科学 獣医解剖セミナーのご案内です。
この度、M.D. Anderson Cancer Center&s_comma; University of Texasの
Richard Behringer 先生をお招きしご講演いただきます。


日時 9月20日(木)17:00-18:00
場所 東京大学 農学部 7号館A 1階104/5号教室
文京区弥生1-1-1 (千代田線&s_comma;根津駅、南北線&s_comma;東大駅前下車)

Genetic Regulation of Mammalian Sexual Development

Richard Behringer教授
(M.D. Anderson Cancer Center&s_comma; University of Texas&s_comma; USA)

The reproductive tract of female mammals derives from the Mu¨llerian duct that forms during embryogenesis. The Mu¨llerian duct gives rise to the oviducts&s_comma; uterus&s_comma; cervix&s_comma; and upper portion of the vagina. We will present studies on the mechanisms of Mu¨llerian duct formation&s_comma; using molecular&s_comma; fate-mapping&s_comma; and experimental embryological studies in transgenic mice. Our studies show that the Mu¨llerian duct forms predominantly by proliferation of cells located at its caudal tip. We suggest that these cells represent a stem cell pool that resides in a highly specialized niche between the Wolffian duct and the coelomic epithelium. Fate-mapping studies of the Mu¨llerian duct epithelium using a Wnt7a-Cre transgenic mouse line are underway to determine which cell types this tissue gives rise to in the adult female reproductive tract. Anti-Mu¨llerian hormone (AMH) is secreted by fetal Sertoli cells and causes the regression of the Mu¨ll
e!rian duct in males. We have used a genetic appro
ach to define the components for AMH-induced Mu¨llerian duct regression&s_comma; including Type I receptors and Smads. Our studies provide a fundamental understanding of female reproductive tract development and regression during mammalian sexual development.

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