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疾患生命工学センター 招聘客員教授 特別講義のお知らせです。


講師:Richard E. Peterson&s_comma; Ph.D.
School of Pharmacy and Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center
University of Wisconsin&s_comma; Madison&s_comma; Wisconsin&s_comma; USA
疾患生命工学センター 客員教授

日時:2007年 9月11日(火)10:00 ~ 12:00
9月12日(水)10:00 ~ 12:00

場所:医学部一号館 2階 セミナー室(N206)

By delivering these lectures graduate students at the University of
Tokyo will get an understanding of how we teach target organ toxicity in
the U.S. by focusing on the kidney. We use the same approach as I will
illustrate in these 4 lectures to teach graduate students target organ
toxicity involving other organs of the body. More specifically&s_comma; the students
will learn how to design a study to detect nephrotoxicity&s_comma; will understand
reasons why the kidney is susceptible to chemical-induced toxicity&s_comma; and by
presenting original research findings on 5 prototype nephrotoxins that
produce kidney toxicity by entirely different mechanisms
(methoxyflurane&s_comma; cephaloridine&s_comma; acetaminophen&s_comma; chloroform and
halogenated alkenes) the students will develop an understanding of how
hypothesis testing driven research was conducted to elucidate the
mechanism of renal toxicity of each prototype chemical.


URL http://env-health.m.u-tokyo.ac.jp/seminar0911-12.pdf

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