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神経生化学セミナーのご案内(共催: 21世紀COE「脳神経医学の融合的研究拠点」 
Neurochemistry Seminar Announcement

“Roles of the fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP) in prefrontal synaptic plasticity and behavioral trace fear”

Min Zhuo&s_comma; Ph.D.
Canada Research Chair Tier I in Pain and Cognition EJLB-CIHR Michael Smith Chair in Neurosciences and Mental Health
Professor of Physiology&s_comma;University of Toronto

Time: April 16&s_comma; 2007 (Mon) 17:00~18:00
Place: Room 1303 (Seminar Room 5)&s_comma; 13th floor&s_comma; New Medical Research Building
Host: Haruhiko Bito&s_comma; Department of Neurochemistry (03-5841-3560)
Supported by Neuroscience Lecture Series&s_comma; Center for Integrated Brain Medical
Science&s_comma; a 21st Century COE Program from MEXT.

Investigation of molecular and cellular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity is the major focus of many neuroscientists. There are two major reasons for searching new genes and molecules contributing to central plasticity: first&s_comma; it provides basic neural mechanism for learning and memory&s_comma; a key function of the brain;
second&s_comma; it provides new targets for treating brain-related disease. LTP&s_comma; mostly intensely studies in the hippocampus and amygdala&s_comma; is proposed to be a cellular model for learning and memory.
Although it remains difficult to understand the
roles of LTP in hippocampus-related memory&s_comma; a role of LTP in fear&s_comma; a simplified form of memory&s_comma; has been established. In this talk&s_comma; I will first review cellular studies of LTP in the ACC and then compare studies in vivo and in vitro LTP by genetic/pharmacological approaches. I will present recent results of new signaling molecules including FMRP in ACC LTP and behavioral fear.

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