I want to make it clear to the reader that I am writing from the perspective of a university president&s_comma; an administrator&s_comma; and not from the perspective of a scientist. Therefore the three key phrases for my vision of bio-tech in Japan for the 2007 New Year will be concerned with how we can best support bio-tech research and the bio-tech industry. Those three phrases are: collaborative research&s_comma; competitive motivation&s_comma; and administrative management. These phrases symbolize the direction of bio-tech at Yokohama City University&s_comma; and Japan in general&s_comma; over the next year and are determined by what I have experienced in the past year.

First&s_comma; there has been a movement toward more collaboration in research over the last year and I see that trend continuing. In areas like pharmaceutical development the science is so complex that solutions must be approached from several different fields simultaneously. In the case of YCU I see the creation of specific programs under the Collaborative Scientist Training Program between YCU and the FDA/CBER as crucial to future development.

Second&s_comma; we must increase the means by which we create and support open and objective competition for research funding and while creating institutions that keep our eyes focused on the future and the research horizon. YCU’s new Leading Edge Medical Research Center will be opened in April as a means of accomplishing these goals.
Third&s_comma; I believe that Japan will continue to strive toward better management and administration of bio-tech research and production in the up-coming year through innovative means of supporting the development of professional administrators trained in managing research&s_comma; and better coordination of corporate and university research and development. At YCU I look forward to furthering these goals through the development of a new graduate program dedicated to the management of clinical trials.

Finally&s_comma; I hope that all of the above will be brought together by developing in Yokohama a true bio-tech cluster which can only be formed through the free communication of information between the public sector&s_comma; private sector and university sector. The development and efficient use of human resources&s_comma; i.e.&s_comma; young scientists&s_comma; female scientists and international scientists&s_comma; will be an important key to creating this bio-tech cluster.
Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.