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開催日時: 平成18年11月1日(水) 13:30~14:30

開催場所: 東大医科学研究所合同ラボ棟2階会議室


講 師: Christopher Kemp&s_comma; PhD

所 属: Full Member&s_comma; Division of Human Biology
       Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

演  題: The genetics and biology of tumor suppression by p27/Kip1

概  要:The expression of the Cdk inhibitor p27 is reduced in many diverse
human cancer types. Importantly&s_comma; reduced expression or p27 in tumors
correlates with poor prognosis for cancer of the breast&s_comma; lung&s_comma; prostate&s_comma;
colon&s_comma; ovary and other tumor types. Our studies&s_comma; using mouse models&s_comma;
revealed that p27 was a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor in multiple
tissues including stomach&s_comma; small intestine&s_comma; colon&s_comma; lung&s_comma; skin&s_comma; and ovary. We
further showed that loss of p27 cooperates with multiple oncogene and tumor
suppressor gene pathways&s_comma; suggesting that p27 is almost universally involved
in cancer progression. Our current studies are focusing on the mechanisms of
tumor suppression by p27 and how p27 is misregulated during cancer

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stability&s_comma; subcellular localization&s_comma; and tumor suppression.” Genes and
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