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第376回 難研セミナー

演者:Razq Hakem博士
Dept. Med. Biophysics&s_comma; University of Toronto&s_comma; Canada
演題:To Repair Or To Die: That Is The Question

要旨:Defective repair of damaged DNA contributes to the accumulation
of genomic instability and increases the risk for cancer. Similarly&s_comma;
compromised cell death facilitates several human pathologies
including cancer and immunodeficiency. Using mouse models we have
studied diseases associated with specific defects in the DNA repair
or apoptosis processes. We have characterized the mechanisms that
lead to cancer development in the presence of mutation of tumor
suppressors such as BRCA1&s_comma; Mus81 and P53. We have also characterized
the in vivo functions of caspases and have identified a novel role
for caspase 8 in maintaining survival and homeostasis.
業績:Human Molecular Genetics. 15: 831-838&s_comma; 2006&s_comma; J Exp Med&s_comma; 202:
727-732&s_comma; 2005&s_comma; Science&s_comma; 304: 1822-1826&s_comma; 2004&s_comma; Embo J&s_comma; 23: 3677-3688&s_comma;
2004&s_comma; Genes Dev&s_comma; 18: 1144-1153&s_comma; 2004&s_comma; Embo J&s_comma; 22: 6137-6147&s_comma; 2003&s_comma;
Genes Dev&s_comma; 17: 883-895&s_comma; 2003

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Hiroshi Nishina&s_comma; Ph. D.
Department of Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Medical Research Institute
Tokyo Medical and Dental University

1-5-45 Yushima&s_comma; Bunkyo-ku&s_comma; Tokyo 113-8510&s_comma; Japan
TEL: (Japan: 81) 3-5803-4659
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