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Welcome to Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Francesca Bosetti&s_comma; National Insituite on Aging&s_comma; Brain
Physiology and Metabolism Section&s_comma; NIH
Title: Cyclooxygenase-2 deficient mice are more susceptible than
wild-type mice to kainic acid-induced neurotoxicity
Date and Time: October 17th (Tuesday) at 5 pm
Venue: Seminar room (6th Floor)&s_comma; New Building of Medical Faculty
Organizer: Takao Shimizu
Takao Shimizu&s_comma; M.D. Ph.D. Professor and Chairman
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology&s_comma;
Faculty of Medicine&s_comma; The University of Tokyo
Bunkyo-ku&s_comma; Hongo&s_comma; Tokyo 113-0033&s_comma; Japan
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