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セミナーのご案内(東京大学大学院 農学生命科学)


日時 10月5日(木)17:30-18:30
場所 東京大学 農学部7号館A 1階104/5号教室
文京区弥生1-1-1 (千代田線&s_comma;根津駅、南北線&s_comma;東大駅前下車)

題目 哺乳動物の生殖細胞・体細胞の性を制御するシグナルネットワーク
Signaling networks regulating somatic and germ cell sex in mammals
Peter Koopman 教授 (Inst Mol Biosci&s_comma; Uni QLD&s_comma; AUSTRALIA)

In mammals&s_comma; Sry(sex-determining region Y gene) is the master regulator of male sex determination. Intriguingly&s_comma; the mechanisms by which it mediates its developmental functions are still elusive&s_comma; but it appears that Sryfunction and hence the mechanisms controlling male sexual development are fragile&s_comma; a situation that has profound biological&s_comma;medical and evolutionary implications. In this seminar&s_comma; the signalling
pathways initiated by Sryto promote testis development and ensure proper specification of germ cell fate are discussed. In particular&s_comma;
our recent discoveries relating to control of germ cell fate by retinoic acid signalling are presented.


113-8657 東京都文京区弥生1-1-1
Yoshiakira Kanai&s_comma; D.V.M.&s_comma; PhD.
Dept.Vet.Anat.&s_comma; University of Tokyo&s_comma;
Yayoi 1-1&s_comma; Bunkyo-ku&s_comma; Tokyo 113-8657&s_comma; Japan.
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