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なお、当日、午後3時からは同じくMDAndersonのBill Klein博士による網膜発生のセミナーも開催されます。

開催日時: 平成 18 年 7 月 27日(木)16:30-17:30

開催場所:  東大医科学研究所合同ラボ棟2階会議室

講師氏名:  Dr. Richard Behringer

Professor and Duputy chairman
Department of Molecular Genetics&s_comma;
University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center


演  題:
Genetic mechanisms of morphological diversity between species

概  要: 
Natural selection acts on variation within populations&s_comma; resulting in modification of organ morphology&s_comma; physiology&s_comma; and ultimately the formation of new species. Although variation in orthologous proteins can contribute to these modifications&s_comma; differences in DNA sequences that regulate gene expression may be a primary source of variation. We have replaced a limb-specific transcriptional enhancer of the mouse Prx1 locus with the orthologous sequence from a bat. Mice expressing Prx1 directed by the bat enhancer have forelimbs that are significantly longer than controls because of endochondral bone formation alterations. Surprisingly&s_comma; deletion of the mouse Prx1 limb enhancer results in normal forelimb length and Prx1 expression&s_comma; revealing regulatory redundancy. These findings suggest that mutations accumulating in pre-existing non-coding regulatory sequences within a population are a source of variation for the evolution of morphological differences between species and that cis-regulatory redundancy may facilitate accumulation of such mutations.

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