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神経生化学セミナーのご案内(共催: 21世紀COE「脳神経医学の融合的研究拠点」 ニューロサイエンスレクチャーシリーズ)
Neurochemistry Seminar Announcement
"How Activity Changes Synapses in the Mammalian Brain"

Speaker: Tobias Bonhoeffer&s_comma; Ph.D.
Professor and Director&s_comma;
Department of Cellular and Systems Neurobiology
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Neurobiologie&s_comma; Am Klopferspitz Munich-Martinsried&s_comma; Germany

Time: July 18th 2006 14:00~15:30
Place: Room 1304 (Seminar Room 6)&s_comma; 13th floor&s_comma; New Medical Research Building
Host: Haruhiko Bito&s_comma; Department of Neurochemistry (03-5841-3560)

Supported by Neuroscience Lecture Series&s_comma; Center for Integrated Brain Medical Science&s_comma; a 21st Century COE Program from MEXT.

One of the most fundamental properties of the brain is its ability to adapt rapidly to environmental changes. This is mainly achieved by changes in the connectivity between individual nerve cells. Synapses can be modulated in their strength by a variety of different mechanisms. We have investigated a number of these mechanisms&s_comma; ranging from homeostatic control of synaptic efficacy to morphological manifestations of synaptic strengthening or weakening and the role of calcium in these processes.