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「染色体サイクル」国際シンポジウム 6/26-27

文部科学省特定領域研究 「染色体サイクルThe Chromosome Cycle」第1回国際シンポジウム 開催のお知らせ 染色体動態の制御機構についての、内外の著名な研究者が一同に介し、最新の知見に基づいて、染色体サイクルの制御ネットワークの分子基盤について討議いたします。

日時:2006年6月26日(月) 09:20 ~ 6月27日(火)16:30

場所:東京大学本郷キャンパス 山上会館
(懇親会は 5&s_comma;000円、
6月26日 18:00~ 東京ガーデンパレスホテルにて)
申込み:シンポジウム参加希望者は、「氏名、所属、懇親会出欠」を chromosome@rinshoken.or.jp あてに送信してください。
東京都臨床医学総合研究所 ゲノム動態プロジェクト 正井久雄
TEL: 03-5685-5564 FAX: 03-5685-2932
E-mail: hmasai@rinshoken.or.jp

June 26 (Monday)
09:20 Opening Remarks: Hisao Masai (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute ofMedical Science)

09:30 Hisao Masukata (Osaka University) “Regulation of Replication of Chromosome Domains in Fission Yeast”
09:55 Shunichi Takeda (Kyoto University) “Inhibition of CDK1 in Mitosis but not in G2-phase is Sufficient to Allow Pre-RC Formation and Endoreplication”
10:25 Hiroyuki Araki (National Institute of Genetics) “CDK-Mediated Regulation of Chromosomal DNA Replication in Budding Yeast”
10:50 Coffee Break
11:10 Anindya Dutta (University of Virginia) “Replication Initiation in Cancer Cells”

11:45 Peter Burgers (Washington University) “The Checkpoint Clamp Activates Target Phosphorylation by Mec1”
12:20 Lunch Break
13:30 Junjie Chen (Mayo Clinic and Foundaion) “BRCA1 Ubiquitinates Its Phosphorylation-Dependent Binding Partner CtIP”
14:05 Alan Lehmann (University of Sussex) “Translesion Synthesis and the Role of Ubiquitination”
14:40 Alan D’Andrea (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) “Regulation of the Fanconi Anemia/BRCA Pathway by FANCD2 Monoubiquitination and Deubiquitination”
15:15 Coffee Break

15:35 Ron Laskey (Hutchinson-MRC Research Centre) “Regulators of DNA Replication: Geminin and MCM3 Acetylase”
16:10 Hisao Masai (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science) “Regulation of Chromosome Dynamics by Cdc7 Kinase”
16:35 Bruce Stillman (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) “The Initiation of Chromosome DNA Replication in Eukaryotes and Its Relationship to Chromosome Segregation”
17:10 End of the day
18:00 Reception (Tokyo Garden Palace Hotel)

June 27 (Tuesday)

09:00 Tomoya Kitajima (University of Tokyo) “Molecular Mechanisms for Protection of Centromeric Cohesion by Shugoshin”
09:25 Tatsuya Hirano (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) “The Mechanochemical Cycle of SMC Proteins”
10:00 Jun-ichi Nakayama (RIKEN) “Mechanisms of Higher-order Chromatin Assembly in Fission Yeast”
10:25 Coffee Break
10:45 Akira Shinohara (Osaka University) “The Roles of Proteins Involved in Recombination and Chromosome Morphogenesis During Meiosis”
11:10 Kunihiro Ohta (RIKEN) “Regulation of Homologous Recombination by Chromatin Structure”
11:35 Takehiko Kobayashi (National Institute for Basic Biology) “Replication Initiation Regulates rDNA Amplification”

12:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Tsutomu Katayama (Kyushu University) “Mechanism in the ATP-specific Conformational Activation of the Initiation Complex by DnaA Initiator”
14:25 James Berger (UC Berkeley) “Structural Mechanisms for Controlling the Initiation of Bacterial DNA Replication by the AAA+ Protein&s_comma; DnaA”
15:00 Takeshi Mizuno (RIKEN) “Cell Cycle-dependent Chromatin Association&s_comma; Phosphorylation&s_comma; and Degradation of Mouse Orc1”
15:25 Akio Sugino (Osaka University) “Molecular Dynamics at the Eukaryotic Chromosomal Replication Forks”
15:55 Fumio Hanaoka (Osaka University) “In Vivo and In Vitro Studies on DNA Polymerase Eta&s_comma; the Product of XP Variant Gene” 16:25 Closing of the meeting