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Trophoblastic stem cellsの話をセミナーでしてもらいます。

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問い合わせ:03-5494-7047 伊藤愛主(いとう よしかず)
講師:ロバート・ジー・オオシマ (Robert G. Oshima)
所属:米国バーナム研究所 研究室長 教授 (Burnham Institute&s_comma; La Jolla)
Mouse trophoblast stem cell proliferation&s_comma; differentiation and function

Mouse trophoblast stem cell proliferation&s_comma; differentiation and function.

Both Ets2 and keratin 8 deficiency are lethal due to placental malfunction.
The spongiotrophoblast and laybrinth regions of Ets2 deficient placentas are defective because trophoblast stem cell proliferation is strictly dependent on Ets2 mediation of growth factor signaling. The trophoblast stem cell appears uniquely dependent on Ets2 for proliferation. TS cells will differentiate in three dimensional culture to form trophospheres resembling the trophoblast giant cell barrier between embryonic and maternal environments. Keratin 8 deficiency results in increased sensitivity to TNF dependent&s_comma; maternal immunological challenges of the the conceptus. This increased sensitivity to apoptosis is correlated with decreased FLIP expression.