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C. Karp 博士セミナー、11/19 東大医学部

場所:医学部教育研究棟 第3セミナー室(新棟13階、1303室)
演者:Christopher L. Karp&s_comma; MD
Director&s_comma; Division of Molecular Immunology&s_comma;
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
演題:Counter-regulation in the innate immune system

The field of innate immunity has undergone a recent renaissance&s_comma; fueled
largely by the molecular identification of critical receptors and signaling
pathways involved in pathogen recognition. Study of the Toll-like receptor
(TLR) family has led the way. Activation of TLR signaling by conserved
microbial molecular signatures promotes the induction of both innate and
adaptive immune responses. It has long been clear that such immune responses
need to be kept under tight control. Responses that are delayed or of
insufficient vigor can lead to a failure to control infection. On the other
hand&s_comma; excessive or inappropriate inflammation can be harmful or even fatal.
Discussion of immune counter-regulation&s_comma; and its failure&s_comma; will focus on two
distinct systems: (1) Regulation of TLR4 signaling by the メB cell-specificモ
protein&s_comma; RP105; and (2) Defective immune counter-regulation in the cystic
fibrosis airway.

Chris Karp博士は、シンシナティ子供病院医療センターにて分子遺伝学部長を務められ、宿主防御と自己免疫抑制の機序に関する研究を精力的にすすめておられます。京都で開催されます国際エンドトキシン学会のため来日されるの機に、東大医学部でもセミナーをお願いすることと致しました。

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