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Seminar on Lysophospholipid Mediators

Date: October 12&s_comma; Tuesday&s_comma; 2004
Time: 4 pm – 6 pm

4-5 pm: Dr. Jerold Chun (Dept. of Molecular Biology&s_comma; The Scripps Res. Institute)
“Lysophosphatidic acid and brain development”

5-6 pm: Dr. D-K Song&s_comma; (Dept. Pharmacol.&s_comma; College of Medicine&s_comma; Institute of Natural Medicine&s_comma; Hallym Univ.)
“Lysophosphatidylcholine&s_comma; a candidate for treatment of sepsis and bacterial infection”.

Venue: 2nd Seminar Room at 2F at Medical Faculty New Building (Tower) 医学部新棟2Fセミナー室

Organized and sponsored by
Takao Shimizu (Faculty of Medicine) and Hiroyuki Arai (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences&s_comma; Univ. Tokyo)

For information&s_comma; contact Dr. Takao Shimizu at tshimizu@m.u-tokyo.ac.jp&s_comma; or 03-5802-2925