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HUGO PacificのMeetingが下記の要領で、来る11月17日よりSingaporeで開催されますので、ご案内申しあげます。Asiaにおけるゲノム研究の高まりに触れ、発展著しいSingaporeの科学研究環境を経験する機会になると考えます。ふるってご参加下さい。
東京大学 新領域創成科学研究科 菅野純夫

Subject: The 5th HUGO Pacific Meeting

Organized by :

Online Registration and Abstract Submission Now Open

Dear colleagues and friends&s_comma;
We wish to invite you to participate in the 5th Human Genome Organization
(HUGO) Pacific Meeting and 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Human Genetics on
17-20 November 2004&s_comma; to be held at the Biopolis&s_comma; Singapore. The focus of
this year’s conference will be on "Genomic Medicine and Population Health"
and will feature over 50 key speakers from Asia and internationally. Special
sessions on genomic technologies&s_comma; bioinformatics&s_comma; human migration and
evolution will be featured as well as educational sessions in array
technologies&s_comma; bioinformatics&s_comma; sequencing and genotyping technologies.
Highlighting the Asian perspective&s_comma; we will host forums on commercialization
in genomic medicine and a discussion of possible joint research programmes
for the region.
We also invite you to send in abstracts for oral and poster sessions via the
abstracts submissions web page. Students and Postdoctoral Fellows are
especially welcomed and outstanding individuals will receive travel awards
under the fellowship programme. Results of the abstracts will be released in
early October.
For more information and for registration and abstract submission&s_comma; please
refer to : www.hugopacific.com.
We hope that you will join us for this special event.
Prof Edison Liu
Executive Director&s_comma; Genome Institute of Singapore
Chairman&s_comma; Organizing Committee

Confirmed Speakers:
SpeakerCountryOrganization / Institution
Ajit P Varki USA University of California&s_comma; San Diego
Andy Futreal UK Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Aravinda Chakravarti USA John Hopkins University School of Medicine
Carmencita Padilla Philippines National Institutes of Health
Charles Cantor USA Sequenom
Chia-Lin Wei Singapore Genome Institute of Singapore
Christopher Hogue Canada The Blueprint Initiative of Mount Sinai
Forest Rohwer USA San Diego State University
Giulia Kennedy USA Affymetrix
Gregory Riggins USA Duke University Medical Centre
Guo-Ping Zhao China Chinese National Human Genome Center&s_comma; Shanghai
Hiroki R Ueda Japan Center for Developmental Biology&s_comma; RIKEN
Huck-Hui Ng Singapore Genome Institute of Singapore
Hyang-Sook Yoo Korea Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and
James Shen Taiwan Academia Sinica
Jay Tischfield USA Rutgers University
Jenefer Blackwell UK Cambridge Institute of Medical Research
Jianjun Liu Singapore Genome Institute of Singapore
John Mattick Australia Institute for Molecular Bioscience&s_comma;
University of Queensland
Jun Yu China Beijing Genomics Institute
Kam-Man Hui Singapore National Cancer Centre
Kenneth Fischbeck USA National Institute of Neurological Disorders &
Kuchan Kimm Korea National Institute of Health Republic of Korea&s_comma;
Seoul&s_comma; Korea
Kyuyoung Song Korea University of Ulsan College of Medicine
Lance Miller Singapore Genome Institute of Singapore
Lap-Chee Tsui Hong Kong University of Hong Kong
Limsoon Wong Singapore Institute for Infocomm Research
Malcom Paterson Singapore Singapore Health Services and Singapore General
Mark Ragan Australia Institute for Molecular Bioscience&s_comma;
University of Queensland
Mark Seielstad Singapore Genome Institute of Singapore
Mary-Claire King USA University of Washington&s_comma; School of Medicine
Masaru Tomita Japan Institute for Advanced Biosciences&s_comma; Keio
Meena Sakharkar Singapore Nanyang Technological University
Mitsuo Itakura Japan The University of Tokushima
Nicholas J Schork USA University of California&s_comma; San Diego
Oi-Lian Kon Singapore National Cancer Centre
Patrick Tan Singapore National Cancer Centre
Pawan Dhar Singapore Bioinformatics Institute
Raymond White USA Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center
Richard Cotton Australia Genomic Disorders Research Centre
Robert Richards Australia Centre for the Molecular Genetics of
Development&s_comma; University of Adelaide
Robert Saint Australia Research School of Biological Sciences&s_comma;
Australian National University
Robert Williamson Australia Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Roberto Barrero Japan Japan Biological Information Research Centre
Sai-Juan Chen China Shanghai Institute of Hematology&s_comma; Ru Jin
Sang Yup Lee Korea Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
Sangkot Marzuki Thailand Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology
Simon Bennett UK Solexa Limited
Sumio Sugano Japan University of Tokyo
Sunghoon Kim Korea Seoul National University
Suthat Fucharoen Thailand Institute of Science and Technology for
Research and Development
Svante Paabo Germany Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary
Takashi Gojobori Japan Center for Information Biology and DNA Data
Bank of Japan
Takuya Ueda Japan University of Tokyo
Terry Kaan Singapore Bioethics Advisory Committee
Tony Frudakis USA DNA Print
Vladdimir Kuznetsov Singapore Genome Institute of Singapore
Yan Shen China Chinese National Human Genome Center&s_comma;
Yijun Ruan Singapore Genome Institute of Singapore
Yoshihide Hayashizaki Japan RIKEN Yokohama Institute
Yoshiyuki Sakaki Japan RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center
Yuan-Tsong Chen Taiwan Institute of Biomedical Sciences&s_comma; Academia
Zhu Chen China Chinese Academy of Sciences

水島-菅野 純子

Junko Mizushima-Sugano
Lab. of Functional Genomics Dept. of Medical Genome Sciences
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences The University of Tokyo