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開催日時:平成 16年 6月 7日(月曜日) 16:00 ~ 17:00
開催場所: 東大医科研 アムジェンホール大会議室
講師:  Dr. Pamelar C. Yelick
所属:Department of Oral Developmental Biology&s_comma;
The Forsyth Institute & Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
国名:  U.S.A.
演題:  Tooth Tissue Engineering
概要:  I am working to perfect conditions to generate fully functional&s_comma;
bioengineered teeth&s_comma; in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Vacanti of the
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. To date&s_comma; we have
succeeded in generating bioengineered teeth exhibiting odontoblasts&s_comma; dentin&s_comma;
ameloblasts&s_comma; enamel&s_comma; pulp and cementum&s_comma; using both pig and rat tooth bud
cells. Our ability to used cultured tooth bud cells for tooth tissue
engineering demonstrates that dental progenitor and/or dental stem cells
(DSCs) can be maintained in culture. Current efforts focus on the
characterization of epithelial and mesenchymal dental stem cells&s_comma; and the
generation of full sized bioengineered replacement teeth of predetermined
size and shape. The goal of these studies is the identification and
characterization of autologous adult tissues suitable for human tooth tissue
engineering applications.

世話人: ○ 上田 実(歯胚再生学、内75120)、 渡邉すみ子(染色体制御学)

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