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日 時:平成16年5月27日(木)15:00~16:30
会 場:(財)東京都医学研究機構 東京都臨床医学総合研究所 2階会議室
演 題:Engineering antibodies for human therapeutics
演 者:Naoya Tsurushita&s_comma; Ph.D.&s_comma; Director&s_comma; Protein Engineering Protein
Design Labs&s_comma; Inc.

要 旨:
Since the introduction of the hybridoma technology in 1975&s_comma; monoclonal
antibodies have rapidly become one of the most important tools in
bioscience&s_comma; with utility extending to therapy of human diseases. The
use of monoclonal antibodies as therapeutics&s_comma; however&s_comma; was initially
hampered by the fact that murine (and other rodent) antibodies proved
to be highly immunogenic in humans. Therefore&s_comma; major research efforts
have focused on elimination&s_comma; or at least reduction&s_comma; of the
immunogenicity of rodent monoclonal antibodies in humans. The
humanization technology has ultimately made it possible to eliminate
the immunogenicity of rodent antibodies in humans and opened a door to
the application of monoclonal antibodies for treatment of human
diseases. In addition&s_comma; recent advances in antibody engineering have
provided an opportunity to improve the efficacy of monoclonal
antibodies as therapeutics. In this presentation&s_comma; I will describe how
antibody engineering&s_comma; such as humanization and Fc engineering&s_comma; has
contributed to the development of antibody-based human therapeutics and
discuss on the future direction of the research in antibody engineering.

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