Biosensors&s_quote;&s_quote;2002 ( )

Mini Symposium on Combinatorial & Molecular Imprinting design for molecular recoginition

5/16 Thursday

14:20 433 C2.07 Development of Combinatorial Bioengineering Using Yeast Cell Surface Display:
Order-made Design of Cell and Protein

Mitsuyoshi UEDA&s_comma; Kyoto University

14:40 434 C2.08 Directed Evolution of Catalytic Antibodies in Phage-displayed Combinatorial Libraries

Ikuo Fujii&s_comma; Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute

15:00 435 C2.09 In Vitro Generation of Protein Libraries Using Single-Molecule PCR and Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

Hideo NAKANO&s_comma; Nagoya University

15:20 211 C2.11 Application of gate effect for design of receptor sensors based on molecularly imprinted polymers
Y Yoshimi1&s_comma;2*&s_comma; SA Piletsky1&s_comma; EV Piletskaya1&s_comma; APF Turner1: 1Cranfield University&s_comma; UK; Shibaura Institute of Technology&s_comma; Japan

15:40 436 C2.10 The use of molecularly imprinted polymers as recognition elements within screen-printed sensors for 1-hydroxypyrene
N Kirsch*&s_comma; JP Hart&s_comma; University of the West of England&s_comma; UK; MJ Whitcombe&s_comma; Institute of Food Research&s_comma; UK

16:00 383 C2.12 Application of molecularly imprinted polymers to tailor-made sensors
T Takeuchi*&s_comma; T Mukawa&s_comma; Kobe University&s_comma; Japan

16:20 Poster Session 2 & Refreshments

5/17 Friday

10:50 361 C3.01 Invited Lecture
Molecularly imprinted polymers - linked technology for sensor applications
SA Piletsky&s_comma; APF Turner*&s_comma; Cranfield University&s_comma; UK

11:20 270 C3.02 Artificial ligand and artificial enzyme for HbA1c sensor
K Sode&s_comma; W Tsugawa*&s_comma; S Ohta&s_comma; Y Yanai&s_comma; T Yamazaki&s_comma; Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology&s_comma; Japan

11:40 333 C3.03 Design of sensor peptides for intracellular signal transduction
K Yokoyama*&s_comma; K Ikeda&s_comma; T Urata&s_comma; AB Witarto&s_comma; Y Morita&s_comma; E Tamiya&s_comma; Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology&s_comma; Japan

12:00 385 C3.04 Detection of proteins by peptide microarrays with designed 2D/3D structures
H Mihara*&s_comma; M Takahashi&s_comma; K Usui&s_comma; T Ojima&s_comma; Tokyo Institute of Technology&s_comma; Japan; K Nokihara&s_comma; Shimadzu Scientific Research Inc&s_comma; Japan

12:20 075 C3.05 AFM biosensor using combinatorial peptide
C Nakamura*&s_comma; S Takeda&s_comma; M Ito&s_comma; N Sugimoto&s_comma; J Miyake&s_comma; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology&s_comma; Japan

12:40 Lunch
14:00 Poster Session 3
15:00 Refreshments

15:30 437 C3.06 Invited Lecture
To be advised(or see if you can get a title direct from Freider)
FW Scheller*&s_comma; University of Potsdam&s_comma; Germany

16:00 410 C3.07 Design of fullerene binding peptide using combinatorial bioengineering
Y Morita*&s_comma; T Ohsugi&s_comma; Y Murakami&s_comma; K Yokoyama&s_comma; E Tamiya&s_comma; Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology&s_comma; Japan

16:20 360 C3.09 Chemical sensors based on molecularly imprinted polymers for specific analyte recognition and quantification
K Haupt&s_comma; Lund University&s_comma; Sweden

16:40 003 C3.10 Molecularly imprinted optically addressable microtiter array for biosensoring
J Hulme*&s_comma; NJ Goddard&s_comma; C Mallins&s_comma; S Mohr&s_comma; P Fielden&s_comma; University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology&s_comma; UK

17:00 250 C3.11 Fluorescent polymers imprinted with template. Processing and monitoring
B Wandelt*&s_comma; Technical University of Lodz&s_comma; Poland; P Turkewitsch&s_comma; McGill University&s_comma; Canada

17:20 231 C3.12 Design and application of MIPs for environmental monitoring
SJ Alcock*&s_comma; SA Piletsky&s_comma; APF Turner&s_comma; Cranfield University&s_comma; UK

17:40 Close

SCI 2002 (

July 14 - 18&s_comma; 2002

Orlando &s_comma; Florida&s_comma; USA
Sheraton World

Area:BioInformatics and Biocybernetics
Invited session: &s_quote;&s_quote;Combinatorial Bioengineering - Creation of Novel and Functional Bio-molecules and Cells&s_quote;&s_quote;
Chairman: Mitsuyoshi UEDA

1. Acquisition of functional single strand DNA by SELEX screening


Department of Biotechnology&s_comma; Graduate School of Engineering&s_comma; Osaka University&s_comma; Japan

2. Open sandwich selection: improvement of in vitro antibody selection system and its perspectives

Kouhei TSUMOTO and Izumi KUMAGAI

Department of Biomolecular Engineering&s_comma; Graduate School of
Engineering&s_comma; Tohoku Univerisity&s_comma; Japan

3. Design of affinity selections of ligands from phage display libraries based on kinetic studies

Yoshio KATAKURA 1&s_comma; Guoqiang Zhung 2&s_comma; Satoshi UCHIDA 1&s_comma; Tetsuo FURUTA1&s_comma;Ken-ichi SUGA 1&s_comma; Suteaki SHIOYA 1

1 Department of Biotechnology&s_comma; Graduate School of Engineering&s_comma; Osaka University&s_comma; Japan
2 Fertilization Center&s_comma; Faculty of Medicine&s_comma; Shandong University&s_comma; China

4. High Throughput Construction and Screening of Protein Libraries by Cell-free Systems

Hideo NAKANO&s_comma; Yasuaki KAWARASAKI&s_comma; Yugo IWASAKI and Tsuneo YAMANE

Graduate School of Biological and Agricultural Sciences&s_comma; Nagoya University&s_comma;Furo-cho&s_comma; Chikusa-ku&s_comma; Nagoya&s_comma; Japan

5. Construction of a combinatorial random protein library displaying on yeast cell surface and its application

Wen Zou&s_comma; Mitsuyoshi UEDA

Department of Synthetic Chemistry & Biological Chemistry&s_comma; Graduate School of Engineering&s_comma; Kyoto University&s_comma; Japan

6. Development of New Surface Display Systems for Combinatorial Bioengineering

Akihiko KONDO&s_comma; Takeshi MATSUMOTO&s_comma; Hideki FUKUDA

Department of Chemical Science and Engineering&s_comma; Faculty of Engineering&s_comma;Kobe University&s_comma; Japan

7. High throughput screening of functional molecule using combinatorial bioengineering and chip technology

Eiichi TAMIYA&s_comma; Yasutaka MORITA&s_comma; Yuji MURAKAMI&s_comma; Kenji YOKOYAMA

School of materials science&s_comma; Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)

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