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日  時: 平成13年11月29日(木) 15:30 から 17:30

場  所: 東京大学医科学研究所 アムジェンホール大会議室

講  師: Dr. Britta Wahren
      Dept Clinical Virology&s_comma;
Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control&s_comma; Karolinska

演  題: HIV subtypes and recombinant strains
‐Strategies for induction of immune responses in man
概  要:

Experimental and clinical studies of HIV-1 subcomponents were made in
order to increase their immunogenicity. HIV subtype envelopes A&s_comma; B and C
have been compared and a detailed analysis of the coreceptor - ligand
interactions made by synthetic peptides. We identified a direct interaction
between HIV-1 envelope and a cellular receptor at the amino acid level. Both
the viral subtype and its tropism appeared to influence inhibition of
infection. Gene segments from reverse transcriptase (RT) of HIV-1 with
mutations decreased their in vitro and in vivo expression and immunogenicity
with an increasing number of drug-induced mutations. Genetic immunization
induced new HIV-specific cytotoxic responses while proteins appeared to
efficiently boost previous responses. One HIV-1 subtype B antigen was
strongly immunogenic in a human immunotherapeutic trial and permitted better
survival at 2 years of the study in patients with poor prognosis.