Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the Wellcome Trust announce the establishment of a joint international scientific conference series to be held at Hinxton&s_comma; UK.

The inaugural conference--Genome Informatics--will take place August 8-12&s_comma; 2001.
More than 250 scientists from the US&s_comma; the UK&s_comma; Europe&s_comma; and Asia are scheduled to attend.

The conference is designed to bring bioinformatics researchers&s_comma; computer scientists&s_comma; and software engineers together for seminars and informal discussions focused on new
approaches to gathering&s_comma; analyzing&s_comma; and displaying the vast amounts of data that are emerging from genome sequencing&s_comma; DNA microarray&s_comma; and other genome-related research.

The Joint Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory/Wellcome Trust Conferences will be held at Hinxton Hall on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus&s_comma; twenty miles south of Cambridge&s_comma; UK.
Seminars will be held in the Francis Crick Auditorium.

The conferences will follow a format similar to traditional Cold Spring Harbor meetings&s_comma; in that the majority of oral presentations will be drawn from openly submitted abstracts on
the basis of scientific merit.

For more information&s_comma; please visit the following website:

Journalists and other members of the media who wish to attend should call Peter Sherwood&s_comma;
Chief Science Correspondent&s_comma; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (516-367-6947&s_comma; US).