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演者: Kelvin Wong Chong Yu
Junior Research Fellow
Institute of Molecular Agrobiology
National University of Singapore&s_comma;
Singapore 117604

演題: Fission yeast Rng3p&s_comma; an UCS domain protein involved in type II
myosin assembly during cytokinesis.

日時: 4月21日 (金) 11:00から12:00

場所: 東京大学理学部3号館 3階 325号室

Rng3p is a new member of the UCS domain containing family of proteins. UCS
domain is described as the conserved region near the C-termini of the C.
elegans UNC-45p&s_comma; Podospora Anserina Cro1p and S. Cerevisiae She4p. All
these proteins are involved in actomyosin dependent processes and Rng3p is
likewise involved in the contractile actomyosin ring formation during
cytokinesis. The localisation of Rng3p is dependent on the myo2-E1 allele
and cannot be detected in wild-type or any other cytokinesis mutants tested
to date. The rng3 ts mutants show negative genetic interaction with the
myo2-E1 mutant. Rng3p requires F-actin for its initial accumulation at the
division site and also for its subsequent maintenance at the division site.
Rng3p however is not required for the accumulation of Myo2p to the division
site but rather is involved in the later process of organising the Myo2p
network into an organised actomyosin ring.

世話人:山本 正幸(03-5841-4386)