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Program for The 2nd Symposium by Organized Research Combination System
6th Oct~7th Oct&s_comma; 1999
at International Conference Hall&s_comma; National Cancer Center&s_comma; Tokyo

6th Oct (Wednesday)

09:30 H. Amemiya Opening remarks

09:35 K. Okuda Possible roles of TNFa in the regulation of sexual
10:20 Y. Kiso The biology of uterine NK cells at the feto-maternal
           interface during successful pregnancy
11:05 J. Cross Distinct genetic pathways control the differentiation
           of trophoblast cell subtypes in mice.

11:50 Lunch

13:00 Y. Tsujimoto Life or death decision of cell by Bcl-2 family of proteins
13:45 S. Yonehara Molecular mechanism and physiological role of Fas-
mediated apoptosis

14:30 J. Kato Cell cycle control by G1 regulatory factors 15:15 M. Nakanishi Regulation of cell cycle checkpoints by Chk1 and
Chk2 (Cds1) kinases in mammalian cells
16:00 Break

16:15 Y. Taya Rgulation of function of p53 by phosphorylation 17:00 M. Kastan Roles of P53 and ATM in cytotoxic stress responses 17:45 close
18:00 Reception
at Tea Lounge &s_comma; 19th floor&s_comma; National Cancer Center Hospital
7th Oct (Thursday)

09:30 S. Suzuki Lymphocyte apoptosiss for immunosuppression after organ
10:00 D. Delia Cell cycle and apoptotic responses to g-irradiation in somatic
cells from AT and AT-heterozygotes
10:30 S. Mizutani Cell cycle and apoptosis in normal and pathological condition

11:00 T. Look Oncogenic transcription factors and the aberrant control of
cell fate in the acute leukemias
11:45 J. Reed Regulators of apoptosis 12:30 Y. Yamashita Closing remarks
12:35 Close