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演者:Dr. Bruce Veit
 Senior Lecturer
 Institute of Molecular BioSciences
 Massey University
 Palmerston North&s_comma; New Zealand

演題:Molecular Genetic Analysis of Leaf Initiation

日時:4月23日 (金) 11:00から12:00


A combination of molecular and genetic techniques have been used to describe early events in the process of leaf initiation in maize. Loss of function mutations to the terminal ear1 (te1) gene of maize lead to anincrease in the frequency of leaf initiation. A molecular analysis of the gene in dicates it encodes an RNA binding protein very similar to the mei2 gene of S chizosacharomyces pombe. Expression studies of te1 indicate transcripts accumulate in regions that bracket sites of leaf initiation. These data suggest a model in which the te1 gene normally functions to suppress the leaf initiation process in cells in which it is expressed. More recently&s_comma; we have begun to analyse the function of similar genes in Arabidopsis and rice.

cf.) B. Veit&s_comma; S. P. Briggs&s_comma; R. J. Schmidt&s_comma; M. F. Yanofsky & S. Hake (1998).
Regulation of leaf initiation by the terminal ear 1 gene of maize&s_comma; Nature&s_comma; 393&s_comma; 166-168.

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