Good Morning&s_comma;everyone. I am still alive. Unfotunately due to the trouble in connection to the internet&s_comma; I have to write you in English and cannot send you interesting images on this lovely coutry.

Rain after rain&s_comma; I cannot see any stars in the sky and of course nothern light that I am willing to see in Iceland.

Today&s_comma; I have some interview with CEO of DeCode Genetics and scientists in charge for human genomic research on the current development for finding the disease genes based on the nation-wide database of clinical record. Iceland is the only one coutry that got aware of the importance of genetic information on the people in the coutry as natural resouce like oil and diamond for international competition.

I hope that I could send Japanese article and image to you from 23rd&s_comma;September when I will reach London.

Good luck&s_comma; everyone.

Webmaster Mitsuru Miyata in trouble in Iceland.

PS Help me