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日時:平成10年4月28日(火) 17:30-19:00


演者:Dr. Min Han
   (Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Department of Molecular&s_comma; Cellular and Developmental Biology
University of Colorado at Boulder&s_comma; USA)

演題: Cell signaling and development in C. elegans

Cell-cell communication play key roles in directing cells to differentiate into different tissues. Vulval differentiation is induced from a group of epidermal precursor cells by a EGF like signal from the gonad. Previous works including those from our lab have shown that ras and several other genes that are involved in various human cancers act in a common signal transduction pathway to control vulval differentiation and several other cell differentiation and migration events.

To identify other components acting downstream of Ras in the signal transduction pathway&s_comma; we have conducted screens to isolate mutations that suppress either a mutant phenotype caused by constitutively activated Ras&s_comma; or the Vulvaless phenotype caused by reducing Ras activity.

We have isolated more than 100 suppressor mutations that are in more than 20 different genes. about 16 of these genes are involved in Ras-mediated signaling. Genes have been analyzed in our lab include ras&s_comma; raf&s_comma; mek&s_comma; mpk&s_comma; sur-2&s_comma; ksr-1&s_comma; sur-4&s_comma; sur-5&s_comma; sur-6&s_comma; sur-7&s_comma; and sur-8. We have shown recently that several of the genes encode proteins whose functions have eluded biochemical studies in mammalian systems.

 Min Han 博士は、細胞分化のモデル系としてよく知られた線虫C. elegans のvulva(陰門) の発生の研究において、常に最先端で活躍して来られた方です。今回、日本に立ち寄られる機会にセミナーをお願いしました。多くの方のご参加をお待ちしています。

世話人 東大・理・生化・山本研・飯野 (03-3812-2111内線4387)